How Twitter Returns Huge Profit For Musk

by May 4, 2022

twitter IPO

How Elon Musk and Turn a HUGE Profit on Twitter

Below are some of my thoughts and I will be adding to this list over time as I think of more. Elon can really, really improve Twitter, then IPO in 2-3 years for HUGE gains! And it wouldn’t be that hard! 

Battle Bots

Twitter Bots fighting Spam Bots

Instead of having algorithms identify bots, create your own bots that will engage accounts and turning test them. You can train your Twitter Bots with Dojo. When the Twitter Bot identifies Spam Bots, it puts the account on time out for human review. 

Pro Version Software

Advanced ability to search, filter, save, and analytics for a monthly subscription. You will have a dashboard that allows you to adjust or remove the below settings.

  • Perhaps the edit button solely resides on the pro version.
  • Filter out and filter in just the content you want to see
  • Save tweets like bookmarks and folders
  • More analytics on your tweets and the reach they are getting. Know when it is the best time to tweet to your audience. Know when it is the best time to tweet to a hashtag
  • Reply sentiment. Allow the original poster to see in their analytics what is the sentiment of the replies. Is it trending positive, negative, neutral? 
  • Pro version allows you to see a sentiment meter on user profiles. Find out what kind of tweets, negative, positive, funny, etc. that the individual typically tweets. 
  • Block users and comments like that. This functionality allows you to block a user, and all future similar type of tweets. Example: block Twitter user musk_hater and all similar tweets. AI might present a couple options with “tweets negative to Musk“. It may also show how many tweets will typically be removed from your feed. Showing that if I block that user and or that type of tweet content, it will reduce the tweets in my feed by X tweets.  This will show the effectiveness of the above advanced filter.


Tip your favorite Twitter personality or individual tweet. Like YouTube you can tip somebody, you may even tip with a sticker on that post. YouTube takes 30% I believe. You can probably still make a lot of money taking 15%.

Profile memberships

Become a member of your favorite Twitter personality and you will get rewarded with some cool features such as seeing the tweet before everybody else does. Starting off with $.99 per month per membership you can start getting perks, and that creators will receive 70%. These memberships can skill overtime and price and rewards. 

Tipping and memberships will encourage people to build their influence and engagement. You provide the platform functionality and they will do the rest.

Crypto wallet

Just like I posted over here in SpaceX TV show concept, you can set up a competitor to PayPal that will not only allow payments from anywhere typically available, but also in crypto. You can tip and start memberships via this wallet. Somebody might pay via crypto, but receive a via cash. All the while you were making fees just like PayPal. Even if the wallet is not directly a part of Twitter, there can be profit sharing for transactions on the platform to bootst Twitter’s bottom line. 

Targeted Advertising

Allow me, as a user, to set ad preferences. This can be as easy as a series of multi select check boxes of “what are you interested in“.

Allow advertisers analytic insides based off of those metrics. Also allow the advertising AI to determine if that increases or decreases click through rate and adjust. 

Trust AI

An artificial intelligence BOT that will gauge the accuracy of the continent of a tweet by verifying that tweets data with several websites. There needs to be an algorithm in place so the AI is not wasting time checking every single tweet. Perhaps a verify button that if enough people click the AI will be sent out to verify the tweet. Or if the tweet has certain topics which can pull from an internal accuracy database. 

From verified false, to unsubstantiated, and verified true. Can even include leaning false, or leaning true. Also “verifying “ to viewers can see action is being taken. The AI will crawl different websites and verify the data and include a link to resources for the verification.

The EDIT Button

Since this is probably the biggest topic aside from Elon purchasing Twitter, I have to include my thoughts in this post.

  • you can only edit once
  • You can only edit within either the first X minutes or before X number of replies.
  • You cannot edit more than 20% of the tweet. This keeps people from completely rewriting the tweet. At that point, just delete the tweet.
  • Perhaps a clickable edited button that will allow you to see the changes

Paid tweet embeds 

I read some are suggesting this, however, I would not do this as it may reduce the number of people who wants to embed your tweets, thus reducing the importance of tweets and end Twitter as being the town square. But if you must do this, I would do it on a scale whereby you were only charging websites who embed many of your tweets. But again this may discourage that usage and diminish the platforms stance. 

If you do charge, you may want to have your own embed software, where the tweet statistics are live within the embed. That is, as more likes, comment count increases, it will reflect on the embed. Users can choose the free version, or the live version. This may also help you determine if in fact you can charge for this service while giving you the ability to just drop the paid embed. Always best to increase features/functionality with paid, rather than decrease service if not paid. 

Open API

Some are suggesting to open up the API for third-party apps, but API calls cost a lot of money, unless you’re charging those third-party apps. The bigger risk is some users will move off platform to these other services thus reducing your advertising revenue. 

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