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And The Coral Garden

The Nanoseas is a children’s book and tv show starring lovable tiny sea creatures on adventures. A group of very adventurous ‘kids’ and their sea turtle buddy,  Oliver, get themselves in and out of all sorts of trouble as they learn life together in their coral garden and beyond. Their first adventure is saving the Coral Garden from the sea locust.

Each episode features exciting adventures under the ocean canopy.



  1. Smart, creative type
  2. A bit shy
  3. Proper
  4. Reserved


  1. Leader
  2. Always takes charge (sometimes too quickly)
  3. Confident


  1. A bit timid
  2. always questioning the group
  3. does not like adventure, prefers his books, which are adventure books (yes, he is an enigma)
  4. Has ability to change his skin color which he does translucent when he is scared


  1. Anna is outgoing (sports and camping type)
  2. Adventure as it comes. No planning. Just go for it. Think Laura Croft adventure, not Laura sexy.
  3. Favorite phrase ‘Send it’


  1. Hanna is the science geek.
  2. Knows everything. Really, she does.
  3. Has a hack for everything
  4. Likes adventure well planned out. Does not like to be spontaneous

Oliver the Sea Turtle:

  1. Hawaiian
  2. easygoing
  3. wise
  4. funny
  5. always has a good thing to say about someone
  6. nothing really seams to faze him


Your children’s new friends are easily merchandisable from plush, to action figures, to underwater structures like the coral garden.


An adventure video game that challenges players to solve clues and save the day.


Big adventures on the big screen.

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