SpaceX TV Show

by Feb 6, 2021

SpaceX TV Show

Not science fiction, but science future


Elon continues his dominance into space and these chronicles are his forward facing record of struggle, ambition, accomplishment, and amazement of the frontier he is forging. Shaping the narrative of space exploration beyond fiction with the risks and rewards and interference. Every year his accounts opens with the presentation of a new technology or discovery that will be the thread these weekly chronicles are based on and solidify SpaceX as the household name in space exploration and technology.

Space exploration and mining is a topic of conversation NOW, and Is Space Mining Our Future Gold Mine? It is a matter of who gets to the screen first. This isn’t teleportation or warp speed and lightsabers, but the real near future of space exploration. Real struggles with real excitement and real technology as this next journey of mankind begins.

Driving the narrative

Brand dominance! You will make your money back many, many times over with this series, however, the true value is in driving the narrative of space exploration, technology, and government interference. Promoting not only SpaceX but Starlink, Boring, and Tesla. There is always the two finger eye poke to that ‘bucket of bolts’ space company, affectionately known as Space Mater 😆, which alone will make this worth every penny right there.


This is NOT an infomercial for Elon‘s technologies. It can be easily overdone but the objective is to show SpaceX as the de facto space technology company and therefore, over doing product placement would admit the opposite and come across as forced. The focus needs to be a story about space and Elon just so happens to be the dominate force. 

However, the space station will be kitted out with Tesla solar and power walls, and the communication between the station and earth will be from Starlink. Brand and products placed in a natural setting to tightly connect the brand with leading technologies used on Earth and in space. 


SciFi enthusiasts will surely gravitate towards this series. And the Star Wars fanbase (those interested in a storyline of good and evil) as Elon and his technology is as like the Force, while opposition is the Evil Empire. Heroes of the space race and exploration competing against the villains of big governments trying to thwart every advancement. (you can push back a lot harder and say a lot more beyond the 280 character limit).

The micro stories of life in space will draw in the non-techies. Think of Heartland (15 seasons) when telling these stories. Macro stories can be more heavy drama as the different forces grind against each other and will appeal to the game of thrones audience. Then you have the tourists, merchants, and androids that add the light hearted relief.


Space Force has set up a command operations on the moon called Higher Ground. The goal was to have the advantage of space for any upcoming military actions.

However, SpaceX advancements have enabled civilians the ability to trek to the moon nearly at-will and since then, it didn’t take long to discover the isotope helium-3, and the new gold rush begins. Today a huge mining operation is underway (possibly using Boring machinery) on the moon with several companies and countries claiming rights. But they have to share the moon with tourists, personnel, and thrill seekers.

Space Force Command shifted to policing this growing space presence and keeping their eye (spying) on SpaceX. Musk’s StationX is home to a hugely successful space commerce as well as a docking station for SpaceX shuttles, while his HotelX facilitates space tourism; life in space is growing quickly and everyone is rushing to the new frontier. Some want a new life. Some want quick money, while others want the thrill of being in space. Yet others are not here for the good of mankind and want to pirate space for their own gain. 

The near future holds Mars in its sights, and StationX is fitted as the launching point for Mars missions [spin-off]. But the government continually tries to thwart Elon’s space advancements. Let the adventure begin.

StationX quickly has become the mecca of technologies including advances in AI, AR, and VR. Startups from every field from many countries are on the moon developing technologies out of necessity of living and functioning on the moon. The great tech moon boom has everyone excited about exploration beyond the moon, and SpaceX is leading the way. Elon is leading the way with his support. Although not on the moon as everyone there would hope, his encouragement is felt and appreciated. 

Each episode focuses on the lives of the individual miners, merchants, pilots, XSpecialists, Space Force personnel, and tourists. Not science fiction, but science future. I see Elon making appearances once or twice a year as SpaceX technology is introduced. Drama arising from character interaction, the real struggle to get into and survive space, the fight for technology dominance, and the perception of those here on Earth as not everyone supports this new expanse. 

BB-8 type characters (also a reality soon) are introduced, adding content from both human and humanoid characters from all walks of life. From the drama of surviving this new life, to the military’s presence, to finding that new ‘gold’, to new technology, life in space is very different than on Earth.

Some day soon we will look up and see some sort of space outpost with mining, military presence, and tourists. This gives people that vision. Something everyone can relate to, not just Sci-Fi fans. Characters such as Sarah Lee, the young daughter of SpaceX commander Tori Lee (Grace Park) struggles with this new life and turns inward to ‘friends she builds’. Growing up in space with a higher than normal aptitude for engineering and programming, Sarah finds herself adding more to everyone’s life than she expected with her droids while catching the eye of SpaceX’s Elon Musk. As the seasons progress, droids becomes more relevant and add functionality, humor, and a new race to humanoids.

Clint August (himself) is the voice broadcasted throughout the station and hotel adding plot transitions and humor. Also responsible for interviewing guests, including Elon, as needed. Other characters are brought in and out with each season to support the main cast.


  • Conflicts between the commander of SpaceX and Space Force Command and the mining project manager. 
  • Humorous tourists vs merchants vs thrill seekers vs nefarious stowaways
  • Tension between crew vs miners vs operators, along with some romance. 
  • Space cowboys vs space pirates 
  • Starlink radio keeping everything connected and moving from scene to scene

Weaving these in and out with the vast myriad of characters will produce exciting episodes for years. 


Short list. Miners, military, astronauts, tourists and space smugglers. Authority conflicts between Space Force and Space X commands. Tourist vs shop owners. Miners vs smugglers. People escaping Earth for that new life and the struggles that come with that.

Grace Park: Commander of SpaceX
Dean Cain: Commander of Space Force Command
Mike Rowe: Mining Project Manager at Moon Miners
Clint August: Radio DJ

Long term vision

Many seasons with characters and technology entering and exiting. You also have merchandise for the outposts, and action figures for characters and the AIs. From toys for small children to collectables to 3D printing.

I also see a video game where you go on missions. Having to follow clues to get to good mining opportunities that lead to roping and mining asteroids which raises money to get out to Mars. Gathering clues and fighting villains all along the way. A younger version of the game where you don’t fight villains to remove the violence.

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