Square Delivery

by Nov 26, 2020

Square Delivery Service

Point of Sale – Point of Delivery

Although I do not wish Square to execute this concept, as it is owned by Jack Dorsey and I can see a time where he limits the sales from companies he does not like. I want to put this together now as a repository in hopes of finding a conservative tech company to take this on..


  • You don’t have to pay for nor maintain machines
  • You don’t have to worry about driver’s ability to pay
  • You already have everyone’s menu
  • You already make a percentage of each sale
  • You can instantly pay drivers directly on their Square app
    • Huge plus for people wanting to impulse buy and to do so, they can make a few deliveries, get paid, then buy
  • Grow your user base as smaller shops will want the ease of service by not having additional machines or services to pay out on. Everything is in the Square ecosystem. 
  • You already have the app


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