Testing The Metal

by Feb 15, 2021

Testing The Metal

Life at Home Can be Harder Than in Theater

A small town just outside a military base is home to active and retired military. This is a drama depicting the life after service for our troops and vets. How they cope in the real world, with their family, and with their job serving their country.

The town is home to the Desert Bar and Grill and the military Angels Camp; a mix of retired and civilian volunteers helping vets injuries and PTSD reenter society. These two places are where much of the group dynamics happen. The homes of the casts are where family dynamics plays out including flashbacks, some recent, some distant.

Desert Bar and Grill named for being a dry bar. ‘Bar Keep’ and counselor, retired colonel Kevin “Wyatt Earp” Amery (Kevin Sorbo), is always there to lend an ear, keep the peace, and offer wisdom.

Angels Camp is often hosted by the crew of Black Riffle Coffee and the work they do for the military.

Cast is sent out on missions allowing a change of cast over the episodes. The drama of deploying, returning, and assimilating back into life in the town tells the true story of what our service people endure to protect our freedoms. Stories about the competing interests of the base commanders and home. Leaving loved ones behind to fight for those whom you never met. Returning a recluse or with PTSD or an injury. The community coming together and being torn apart. Vets helping the enlisted by being there with their stories by helping at the Military Angels camp.

This should depict real life as much as possible. Having real vets and real stories as often as they fit in. Showing the effects of sacrifice long after the service. It is their true struggle. The testing of their metal.

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