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Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The recent Pentagon declassification of UFO and UAP information to the public has created a huge buzz from outside groups for more information and access. The Pentagon is worried that certain assets will be discovered so they started transporting them to more secure locations not listed on released documentation. During this transfer, Alacian escapes and is now a code red fugitive.

Alacian is an alien life form who was captured during a downed UAP event. Highly intelligent with a humanoid appearance but with slightly different coloring to the skin, hair, and nails. Facial features are noticeably different while maintaining overall humanoid functionality. Alacian is the only surviving species in the downed UAP event. Alacian is a female version of that species. Nothing else is known about Alacian as she has remained silent for much of her captivity other than to protest the food.

The DA5 secure location is in the heart of a Federal park spanning several thousand acres. During Alacian’s escape she crosses into John’s 800-acre ranch were he lives as a prepper. As Alacian was running across the field, John was hunting in the woods and noticed someone being chased by a large group using dogs. John quickly grabbed Alacian, not knowing who she was, and hid her. After those chasing Alacian ran past out of sight, John brought out a light to see Alacian and was very surprised at what he saw.

The following story details Alacian and John’s first encounter and subsequent growing friendship.

A cross between Fringe, X-Files, and Avatar. The two uncover some of the government’s most prized secrets as they try to find a way to get Alacian back to her species while evading detection and capture. Taking what Alacian knows and trying to implement that in a rudimentary world, John, an engineer by trade, struggles with the overwhelming awakening, new scientific and mathematical knowledge, and what is on the horizon for humanity. While Alacian struggles with the limitations of Earth, longing to get home, the loss of her traveling companions.

One is on a path of new technological horizons, while the other is thrusted into the dark ages of science. Both trying to do what is right. One trying to save his planet while the other is trying to get back to hers.

A daily struggle to remain undetected while often having to infiltrate secure government locations for information, they try to build technology for Alacian to contact her people. Knowing they cannot do it on their own, they reach out to the UFO community for help. But some in that community are there to feed information back to the government.

As progress is made, the government continually thwarts attempts to communicate outside our planet. Getting an orbiter launch under such scrutiny finally succeeds, but how far away is help? And does Alacian trust her own people? We start to find out the real reasons for being here and we may not want them to come back.

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